Our Story

Early in the morning on the 6th of April 2009, a 25 year old laid-back ginger Irish man called Shane and a 19 year old blonde English rose called Georgia arrived at the Novotel Hotel in Hammersmith, London. Along with nearly 30 others, Shane and Georgia hopped on a big orange truck heading to Sydney, Australia. This was the start of an adventure that would change not only the next six months, but would mark the beginning of a wonderful love story.

As the truck passed through Europe and into Asia, Shane and Georgia slowly but surely got to know each other. She thought he was very funny and knew a lot of stuff. He thought he was lucky to find someone who would listen to his interesting facts.

In the depths of the Baluchistan desert, camping in police compounds and faced with harsh conditions, Shane and Georgia grew closer, and by the time they reached India, they were nearly inseparable.

One night, up in the peaceful and tranquil mountains of Northern India, Georgia and her friends Bec and Rosie decided to throw a rooftop party at the monastery they were staying in. Several vodkas and some concerned monks later, they made their way to a bar, where Georgia declared her undying love to Shane and a beautiful romance began to blossom.

Georgia and Shane continued on their journey of love through India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Laos Cambodia and Thailand. They remained happy explorers, until a tearful goodbye in Bangkok called a halt to their Asian adventures together.

Shane continued on the truck through Southeast Asia to Australia, while Georgia boarded a plane back to the UK ready to start three years of university in Durham. After he realised how much he missed Georgia (or perhaps after he ran out of money), Shane moved back home to Bagenalstown in Ireland, and Shane and Georgia embarked on the next phase of their adventure: long distance love.

Shane and Georgia spent nearly two years apart, relying on cheap Ryanair flights to connect them every few weeks. In November 2011, Shane packed up his bags and headed to the North East of England to be with Georgia. She studied, he worked, and they lived with Georgia's friends in a little house next door to a prison.

In June 2012, Georgia graduated. Liberated from work and study, Shane and Georgia hopped on a plane to Miami, Florida, where they jumped in a car and headed West on an epic road adventure from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. After successfully arriving in California, Shane and Georgia headed back to the UK to start their new lives as grown-ups.

Shane and Georgia settled in Solihull in the West Midlands. Shane worked for a manufacturing company making parts for cars and then as a consultant engineer for Jaguar Landrover. Georgia worked for charity Marie Curie in service development and then as a Public Health Programme Manager for Coventry City Council. They bought a flat, worked hard, and did good things. They appeared to lead the lives of real adults.

In April 2017, Georgia and Shane tied the knot. Now for their honeymoon, they are embarking on their greatest adventure yet (and not just marriage!). They have left their jobs, rented out their house, said goodbye to their grown up lives and driven Georgia's gold Nissan Micra (otherwise known as Martha), to Mongolia and beyond.